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LeaguePicks Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is LeaguePicksTM?
  2. LeaguePicksTM is a great new way to use technology to connect with your clients. That's because LeaguePicksTM is really an email marketing campaign disguised as a series of games. Your clients and prospects will love your new website, even as you're sending them weekly emails and marketing yourself month after month. Here's how it works…

  3. How do I play?
  4. Each LeaguePicksTM contest is as easy as signing up, logging in, and then making your picks. Whether it's the NFL Picks, College Bowl Challenge, NFL Playoffs, or March Madness, the results are automatically tracked for you and updated. That's what makes each LeaguePicksTM game as fun to host as it is to play!

    See our Demo…

  5. Can I join in the middle of the season?
  6. Absolutely! The best time to by LeaguePicksTM from before the NFL regular season starts through about week 4 or 5, but with our annual subscription and new games on the way, now is the best time to join!

    Our goal is to give you fun, interactive web sites and high quality emails that let you market yourself to clients, prospects, and referral partners. What better time could there be to start promoting yourself and your services than right now?

    If you're like most people in sales or who own their own business, you've spent the last several years doing very little marketing…and you wonder why you're not getting referrals and repeat business.

    The truth is you need a way to stay in front of your target market week after week, month after month, and it's hard to maintain that kind of “sticktoitiveness”. With LeaguePicksTM you will achieve that Top of Mind Awareness in just a few minutes a few times a week.

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  7. How much do the games cost?
  8. Right now the games cost $495 per year for your annual subscription, and the hosting packages are either $19.95/mo. or $29.95/mo. LeaguePicksTM will be adding several new games to the lineup, but the pricing will remain the same until there are so many games that we need to create game packages.

  9. Do I have to buy all the games?
  10. Currently, yes. As LeaguePicksTM expands our lineup of games, options may become available to customize your marketing strategy by choosing the games that are the most fun for you and your clients.

  11. How do I create the reminder emails?
  12. As the host of each LeaguePicksTM game, you'll have access to your behind-the-scenes Administrative Section whenever you want. This is where you'll generate the Invitation Email, Time to Make Your Picks, and Results Are In emails that will be sent to your Inbox. See our marketing calendar for suggested sending dates and our marketing strategy section for examples of what you might want to say.

  13. How do I send the emails?
  14. Each email will be sent to your Inbox after you create it from your LeaguePicksTM website Administrative page. You'll want to customize each email with your weekly winners, season leaders, and any personal comments, then send it from your Inbox to your list of players.

    LeaguePicksTM suggests that you put all your email addresses in the “Bcc” section and honor all requests to not receive future emails should there be any. See our marketing strategy section or email us if you have more specific questions.

  15. When should I send the emails?
  16. Each game in the LeaguePicksTM lineup has a slightly different marketing strategy because of the timing of the games. Generally, for the NFL Picks game, you'll want to send the Results Are In email on Tuesdays after the Monday Night Football game is over, and the Time to Make Your Picks email reminders once or twice later in the week.

    The College Bowl Challenge, NFL Playoffs, and March Madness games require a little different approach due to their shorter time frames and time of year, but the idea is mostly the same. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide on the timing and frequency that will best promote your business.

    Also see our marketing strategy and marketing calendar sections.

  17. Will I be able to see everyone's picks?
  18. Yes, you will receive Confirmation Emails once a player has submitted their picks. Keep them in a separate folder in your Inbox in case one of your players has a question about their picks. This can be another great way to interact with your players and get more business!

  19. How do I change my Bio Box?
  20. As a Platinum subscriber, you'll be able to change your Bio text and upload new photos or logos whenever you want through your Administrative Section. If you're a Gold subscriber, we'll help you set up your Bio Box at the beginning of each new game.

  21. How do I change my Promo Tiles?
  22. One of the keys to success with your LeaguePicksTM games is using the Promo Tiles on each website to promote your products and services. As a Platinum subscriber, you'll be able to change your Promo Tile text and upload new photos, logos or hyperlinks whenever you want through your Administrative Section. If you're a Gold subscriber, we'll help you set up your Promo Tile at the beginning of each new game.

  23. What's the best marketing strategy to use with LeaguePicksTM?
  24. This is a tough question to answer in just a few sentences, and ultimately it's up to you to decide. Our goal at LeaguePicksTM is to create fun, interactive websites for you that help promote your business and get you more referrals. The second part of this strategy is the series of high quality emails used as updates, reminders, and links back to your website.

    We have created a marketing strategy section and marketing calendar to give you ideas and suggestions, but you'll need to use your own judgment to decide how best to promote yourself. The good news? The possibilities are endless!

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