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Marketing has NEVER been this simple…

A Message from David Stoltie:

Dear friends,

This is it! Our Flagship game—NFL Picks. Marketing made simple! As the host, you invite all your clients and prospects to compete for bragging rights throughout the NFL regular season. Each person receives your customized Invitation Email telling them about your great new website and your NFL Picks contest. If they like sports, they'll click on the link, taking them to your site to sign up.

Their love of sports is your marketing niche!

Once they sign up, they'll be able to visit your website whenever they want, making or changing their picks right up until game time! And every time they visit, they'll be reminded of you. Your League Picks website is specifically designed to showcase you--and your products or services. We'll load your Bio Box with your photo, company logo, contact information, and whatever you want them to know about you. Then use our exclusive Promo Tiles to highlight your best deals, promote your website, or offer coupons and free reports—it's entirely up to you. You can customize each Promo Tile once if you're the “set and forget” type, or change them weekly to keep it fresh.

Email Marketing is the key…

OK, so you got your database together, sent out your invitation emails, and got a bunch of your clients and prospects to play your picks game.

Now What?

Now you kick your marketing into gear with League Pick's Email Marketing Campaign.

Each week, after the Monday Night Football game, League Picks will update your website based on everyone's picks. On Tuesday, you send out the “Results are In!” email, congratulating your best players and sending everyone back to your website to see the full leader board. On Thursday, you send the “Time to Make Your Picks!” email, reminding everyone to get their picks in for Sunday's games.

And here's where it gets interesting…

Marketing with League Picks is about building relationships, and it's entirely up to you how deep you want to go. The NFL season is 17 weeks long, plus 5 weeks of pre-season, plus the playoffs. You're going to be emailing to your clients at least twice a week for 4 months straight, driving them to your website, and advertising your services while they play an interactive game that's really fun.

So you have to ask yourself: How successful do I want this to be?

What League Picks really does is create a specific group of warm leads for 1st-time or repeat business.

We set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down! Follow-up is everything…

  • Contact every player who signs up—thank them for joining.
  • Send personal emails when you see that someone has submitted their picks for the week
  • Call every player and see how they like the website. “Oh, by the way, did you notice the information about ________ while you were on my site?”
  • Congratulate your winners. Invite them to lunch. Use your emails to make them feel important.
  • Do you see where I'm going with this?

    League Picks will become your primary marketing focus for most of the year.

    Most of your clients love sports, and believe me--they will love your web-based picks game. They're simple, fun to play, and everyone loves the attention they get when they have a good week. After just a few weeks of football, your clients will be expecting your emails, hunting for them in their Inbox. And as the Holidays approach, you'll come through with two new games--College Bowl Challenge and NFL Playoff Challenge—with new websites and new custom emails.

    A Marketing Star is Born!

    You can't afford not to give League Picks a try. For less than the price of one direct mailer you can be marketing to your clients for months!

    Click here for pricing, or Click here to sign up.

    We guarantee you'll love the results—Buy League Picks NOW!

    How It Works College Bowl Challenge