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March Madness: The Ultimate Thrill Ride for Basketball Fans!

Football is over, and the hype of the Super Bowl has passed. For your clients who love college basketball, a very special time of the year is approaching: March Madness.

Selection Sunday…the Play-In Game…and then? The Big Dance! Bracket Time!

This is a more specialized game, and probably not as many of your clients and prospects will want to participate. But for those who do, they're going to love you for hosting your March Madness Bracket Challenge!

People will think you're a marketing guru…

With your March Madness Bracket Challenge from League PicksTM, you get another custom website, great custom emails, and 4 weeks of unpredictable action. If you're a college basketball fan you'll have a million things to talk about with these people! Use your position as host--and the Promo Tiles on your March Madness website—to maximize your position as a leader in your business. When your past clients need anything in your line of work, they'll think of you!

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