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The NFL Playoff Challenge: Fun and Marketing together at last!

The Holidays are almost over, but the NFL season is really heating up. Capitalize on your clients' love of sports by hosting League Pick's NFL Playoffs contest.

Your clients will love the look and feel of your bracket- style contest, and it's really easy to play! They'll use the same login information from playing your NFL Picks and College Bowl Challenge to send their favorite teams to the Super Bowl. As the host, you'll have another great website complete with Promo Tiles to market yourself and your services. As the Playoffs progress, send your Results Are In! emails to highlight your leader board and pump up the competition!

A Bit of Marketing Strategy…

Thanks to League PicksTM, you've been successfully marketing to your clients, prospects and strategic partners for several months now. Don't drop the ball! Use the momentum from your NFL Picks, College Bowl Challenge and NFL Playoff Challenge to really build on the relationships you've developed with your players. After all, they've been looking forward to your emails and happily visiting your websites since September! Take the initiative, make the calls, and turn those warm relationships into new and repeat business!

Have a Party!

One of the most successful marketing strategies League PicksTM has developed is the “After- Party”. Most of your clients have seen each other's names on the leader boards, in your Results Are In! emails—maybe even in the Hall of Shame. Why not get them all together? The “After- Party” is a great way to show your appreciation, thank them for past business and solidify relationships. We'll leave the details up to you, but sometime between the Super Bowl and March Madness is the best time to host your After- Party…

College Bowl Challenge March Madness