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What is League PicksTM?

League PicksTM is a great new way to use technology to connect with your clients. Do you have clients who you're just not keeping in touch with? Even great clients—the ones you love to speak to?

What if you had a fun, automated email marketing system that gave you Top of Mind Awareness with your clients, prospects, and strategic partners on a weekly basis?

You're Already Selling—Why Not Make it Easier to Get What You Really Want?

League PicksTM puts you right in your client's face—in a way that makes them appreciate your professionalism and look forward to your emails. We make you the “host” of four different sports picks contests:

League PicksTM gives you the websites to host a full 17-week NFL sports picks contest –as well as all the other games--for your most valued clients, future prospects, and strategic partners. You email the invitations, and your clients go to your website to sign up. League PicksTM takes care of the rest!

Do Guerillas Market?

Each of your clients can login, make their NFL picks for the week, and see a full leaderboard showing the competition and who's on top each week. As the host you can play along for maximum exposure, or add weekly gift certificate prizes to spice things up—it's your call! Either way, your clients will be visiting your website and getting your emails, building your name recognition week after week.

Look Like You Know What You're Doing…

Every week you'll receive well-designed emails to send to your database of clients, letting them know scores have been posted, new games are on the way, or that it's time to make their picks for the week. Each email lets you add a personal message and contains a link to your company website. Imagine being able to drive clients to your website several times a week! And it doesn't stop there—your website will be customized to showcase you, your company, your best products—virtually anything you want them to know. Add links to your personal website, create coupons or free reports for your clients to download, or just give them the latest information in your business. The possibilities are endless!

The Nitty Gritty

When you sign up with League PicksTM, you'll have instant access to your own personal web page for hosting the picks contests. Choose one of the available themes, pick a color scheme, add your photo and company logo, and you're ready to invite your players. Whether you target clients, prospects and strategic partners, or a combination, you'll be creating a memorable, fun, interactive way to keep in touch. You'll probably get several calls just letting you know what a great idea you had!

This Revolutionary Idea is Not for Everyone

If you don't know how to send emails, this part could be tough.

Your database of players is the key to your success. Use your contact management software (Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT!, etc.) or your address book (MSN, Gmail, Comcast) to create custom distribution groups. Each group you create can be sent a different email message so you can target past clients, invite strategic partners, or stay in front of your prospects. Then you generate the email templates throughout the week; just edit them with your message, choose your groups, and click send! The high-quality emails from League PicksTM look great and have a link straight to your website.

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