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LeaguePicksTM Marketing Strategy:

The LeaguePicksTM marketing strategy is simple: for prospects and potential referral partners, we open doors that might otherwise be closed; for your past clients, we bring your name and your business back to mind to give you better chances for referrals and repeat business. Here's how it works

Our current lineup of games provide marketing solutions from August through April—and with more games on the way, soon LeaguePicksTM will bring you year-round marketing for fans of any sport!

LeaguePicksTM Marketing Calendars:

Hosting sports picks contests is a brilliant way to market you and your business. At LeaguePicksTM, we give you all the tools you need:

We'll even help you get the most out of each game with suggestions for maximum effectiveness. The goal is to use the timing and frequency of the emails as professional reminders to go back to your website for more friendly competition.

Click on each of the links below to view the suggested calendar for each game. Remember that it's your business to grow, and only you can make the final decisions on when and how often to send the emails. With a little bit of strategy you'll be on your way to more business and more referrals—we guarantee it!

2006-2007 Marketing Calendars: