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Welcome to League PicksTM !

Now that you know what we do and how we can help you market, it's time to sign up and get your first website ready. Here are the basics:

LeaguePicksTM will design all of your game websites and customize them for only $295 per year. This is an annual subscription with no obligation-see our guarantee at the bottom of the page. The $295 per year covers:

  • Design and setup for all 4 games
  • Customization for your Bio Box and Promo Tiles
  • Automatic updates to your News and Notes section
  • Seasonal design changes (Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays)
  • Custom email designs for each game
  • Marketing strategy support
  • Technical support

What You Get:

When you buy League Picks you get to host the full 17-week NFL Regular Season, the College Bowl Challenge, the NFL Playoffs bracket contest, and the March Madness bracket game. It doesn't matter when you sign up - there is no monthly hosting fee, and the price to buy the games is based on an annual subscription which can be pro-rated if you join mid-season.

Each game is a unique website with several custom emails:

  • We set up the website, update the weekly results, and help you customize it to promote your business.
  • We design the emails, build in the hyperlinks to your website, and even give you some suggestions for what to say and how to say it.
  • We also maintain all the player information, game data, and weekly results. Each game is different, but your clients will be able to change their picks until just before game time, and the new results will be ready the next day.
  • We'll give you tech support and help you implement your marketing campaign. See our FAQ section for common scenarios.

The Tools for Success:

In order for League PicksTM to be effective and fun, you'll have to bring some skills to the table...but we guarantee your satisfaction if you give League PicksTM a try.

  • You need to understand the purpose of League PicksTM. Our contests are fun and interactive, and are designed to bring you name recognition and brand awareness as the host. As your clients play the games they will become more aware of who you are and what you do, but ultimately it's up to you to turn that “Top of Mind Awareness” into more business.
  • You need to have your email database organized so you can send out the emails. If you use Outlook, Act!, or Goldmine you'll need to know how to send emails to the people you want to play. If you use MSN, Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast, etc. you'll need to know how to use your address book.
  • You need to have some ability to decide how you want to personalize the emails for maximum effect. League PicksTM will design the emails and give you as much of the content as we can, but this is your business you're building-you're going to want to add personal touches to what you say.

Think you can handle that? OK, you're ready to go:

4 Complete Game Websites with:
  • Unique Graphic Headers
  • How to Play section
  • Season Leader score boxes
  • Weekly Winners score boxes
  • “Hall of Shame” weekly worst picks
  • News and Notes section
  • Personal Bio/Photo section
  • Picks/Results display
  • Up to 5 Promotional Tiles for marketing
  • Several custom emails for each game, personalized for distribution to your target audience:
    • Invitation to Play
    • Time to Make Your Picks
    • Results Are In!
    • Confirmation to Player with Picks Summary
    • Results Are In! with Cross-sell to Upcoming Games
  • Bonus Backgrounds and Emails for Holidays, Special Dates, and Change of Seasons
  • Custom work also available for any specific changes to the web pages or emails at $50.00/hr.

Once you click Sign Me Up, Dave or one of the other marketing consultants at LeaguePicksTM will contact you to arrange payment and begin the process of building and customizing your first website. Payment will be a one-time charge of $295, payable by credit card or with your PayPal account. Installment payments are an option if necessary-call Dave Stoltie at 303-517-7644 or email dave@leaguepicks.com to discuss

The LeaguePicksTM marketing campaign begins August 28th for the NFL season…

Sign Up Today!

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If you are ever unsatisfied, for any reason, just let us know and we'll refund every penny you've paid us for the year-your annual subscription and your monthly hosting fees. We're that confident that League PicksTM is the right tool to help you take your marketing to the next level and grow your business.