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The LeaguePicksTM product lineup includes NFL Picks, the College Bowl Challenge, NFL Playoff Challenge, and March Madness. New games are on the way, but right now we've got your marketing needs covered from September through April.

Step up your marketing with the most popular game on the planet: NFL Football

Our flagship game is NFL Picks—it's the longest running and the best way to introduce your clients to your new website. The best time to buy LeaguePicksTM and reinvent your marketing strategy is between July and the beginning of the NFL season in September. This gives you time to build your database, customize your website and prepare your invitation emails.

Timing doesn't have to be everything

If you are reading this at other times of the year, you can always start your clients off by hosting the College Bowl Challenge in December and January, the NFL Playoff Challenge after the holidays, or the March Madness bracket in March and April. Although these games are shorter, they're just as much fun, and our goal is to get you in front of your clients as soon as possible. The sooner you try LeaguePicksTM , the sooner you'll see what a brilliant marketing strategy this really is!